4 thoughts on “Wisdom from Angelina Jolie

    • Its backwards isn’t it? The abuser walks off free and the victim carries the memories and shame.

      It’s why I feel so strongly in writing child abuse memoirs. It’s vital that our stories get told. The same thing with the reports of domestic violence involving celebrities.

      Talking about these issues, especially in gossip magazines makes people pay attention. It’s real, its happening and it can’t be ignored.

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      • Absolutely! I’m glad it’s talked about. Those are the types of things that should be talked about rather than the silly, pointless things that are often in those magazines.

        I never imagined what it felt like to experience that shame until now. I wasn’t raped/forced to do anything against my will, but I was absolutely taken advantage of while incredibly drunk and then treated horribly because of his guilt and /left feeling shame because of the lies and trash talk that was said about me.

        So, while I don’t know exactly how it feels in instances such as rape, I’ve seen a glimpse of what it must be like and it breaks my heart for those who go through it.

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  1. On my blog, I’d really like everyone experiences to be taken seriously. Being taken advantage of and treated horribly counts.

    Any form of abuse, is unacceptable.

    I’m sorry to hear about the lies and trash talking. I’ve experienced it too. Sometimes my best defense has been to to act above it. Literally raise my eye brow and say, “And?”. If they continue, a condescending pat on the hand. “Oh darling, don’t believe everything you hear.”

    People HATE feeling foolish. Let them feel foolish when they talk trash.

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