Review of the Lovely Project

flyers (1)The Lovely Project

I’m a self confessed therapy junkie.

Many of the stories I write are with survivors of abuse who I met in group therapy. They are people I have known for years, cried, hugged and analysed things with.

Baring your soul in a group setting might sound strange. When my therapist first announced I had to speak about my issues in front of a group of strangers I was mortified. I sat there trying to think of ways out of it. Until I heard the other girls talk. Our group was almost always 80% female. Seeing my truths in others helped hugely. The challenges I faced became more bearable when I had a support network.

Yet for most people attending group therapy isn’t realistic. I hope that my books and those of other survivors help give a sense of community. I  was getting frustrated until I found the online community specifically to support girls.

The Lovely Project is a not for profit organisation dedicated to empowering girls. Based in Florida, the Lovely Project provides tools, education and peer mentorship to girls.

Its a community resource that allows women to connect and share their stories, learn and grow strong. Focused on girls aged 11-19 they have an online magazine, in person support groups and  workshops.

The workshops are on issues teens face including:

  • Overcoming Fears and Insecurities
  • Self-Control and the Importance of Making Wise Decisions
  • Choosing Healthy Friendships
  • The Importance of Mentorship
  • Recognizing Your Value
  • Find Your Voice

An education is the one thing that can never be taken from you. This organisation aims to teach girls their worth. I am all for it!!


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5 thoughts on “Review of the Lovely Project

  1. Thank you…I haven’t heard of this organization, but I will pass it along to students. Many of my students chose to write about topics about healing from their pasts and they often form communities with one another. I honestly believe education can bring about transformation. It did in my life and I see it happen in other’s lives.


    • Education and community are so important. I’ve had the same experiences with community. Having other people who can ‘get’ what you are going through is incredible.

      It sounds like your courses are really helping! Writing about past experiences can be really cathartic.

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