10 Must Read Books on Surviving Religious Child Abuse

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Reviews of the top ten books that deal with child abuse by religious figures. True stories by people who lived through abuse. 

1. Cornered by Louise Henderson

A short story that is worth reading. The perpetrator is held responsible. Told from a child’s perspective of the horror and fear as her family push her to trust the man abusing her.

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2. Wounds of the Father

A raw memoir that tells of a fractured childhood, a descent into teenage drug addiction. The author invites the reader behind the closed doors of a picture perfect christian family to reveal a dark hidden world of child abuse and domestic violence.



3. Losing Faith

A true story as told to Hannah Baston. Tom Madden was twelve when he became an altar boy. With his scabby knees and working class background, becoming an altar boy was supposed to change his life. Except it did in ways he could never have imagined.


4. Pulling Weeds

A follow up to Wounds of the Father, Elizabeth Garrison tells of her struggle to rid herself from a hateful punishing God and born again Christian upbringing to find a God of Love.



5. Tears of the Silenced

Isolated in a small Amish community, Misty was without a phone or social ID card. Trapped in a world of abuse and animal cruelty, breaking free at age sixteen meant being plummeted into a world of new technology and leaving everything she knew behind.


6. Raped Memories of A Catholic Altar Boy

Being raised by a paraplegic mother this young boy was raped repeatedly by church officials up to the age of twenty age. He tells of waking up in a cold sweat and the ongoing effects of child abuse had on his life.


7. Not Without My Sister

The true story of three girls violated and betrayed in the Children of God Cult. The trauma and their eventual escape.

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8. Spotlight

An Award Winning Film based on a true story of the Boston Globe reports investigation into the child abuse within the catholic church. The church fought them every step of the way, but they exposed true stories of child abuse.

betrayal (1)

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