Review: Scarleteen for Sex Ed


Scarleteen is an free online website with information on sexuality and relationships for young people. Specifically, designed to be inclusive of the LGBT, A-Sexual, Abuse Survivors and different experience levels.

Website: Scarleteen

What it offers:

  • Articles on Sexual Identity and Gender
  • Parenting and Relationship Advice
  • Safe Sex and Contraception Guides
  • Abuse
  • Comprehensive Sexual education on the human body. Including what’s normal and what to see a doctor about.


  • Online forum and live chat so you can ask questions anonymously
  • Checklists on sexual health and contraception
  • Strategies and conversation starters on tricky topics like sexual boundaries, safe sex and virginity

My favorite thing about it is the conversational advice that included example conversations and situations. Like how to slow things down sexually, communicate your boundaries and information on losing your virginity.

Knowing your rights and how to communicate them is empowering. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever get harmed but it’s great to have a safe place to ask questions and learn about sexuality.

For more information please visit :


Hannah Baston Books




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