The Tortoise Wins the Race


It’s easy to focus on the past, our mistakes and feelings guilt that haunt us.

Yet as I learn every time I start a book, make a social media post and comment on other blogs, I don’t have too always be perfect. No one does. Instead, we must just keep taking action.

In spite of our fears, doubts and failures, keep on. There is so much to learn and it’s more fun when you don’t try to do it all perfectly the first time.

Allowing yourself to make mistakes, laugh and try again lets you keep going until you build something incredible.

When I first started writing in school, I used to be devastated by all the red marks the teacher put through my work. Pointing out any spelling errors and superior suggestions. My little fists would clench and I’d rip the stories up when no one was looking.

Then in junior high I met my best friend. She sat next to me in Geography and twirled her platinum blonde hair and smelt of candy. Everyone wanted to be her friend and she chose ME. Between listening to our teacher ramble on about things to suddenly yell like it was world war three, I’d jot down funny stories. One page descriptions of a blonde girl who overcomes the evil teacher and leads the school to rebellion.

She laughed and soon the whole class listened. No one pointed out the language was basic or it was written by a thirteen year old. Except for dear old Mr Briggs who glared, “Nice to see you were paying attention…” pause as he looks at the roll “You in the third row.” Shaking his bald head and adjusting his over sized green jumper before returning to the white board.



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