Child Abuse: We are Winning the War


Every time you buy a book on child abuse, read a memoir or comment on a blog – you are making a difference.

You are ending the silence on child abuse.

There are many people who would rather sweep the topic of child abuse under the rug. To put it back into the little box of ‘it doesn’t happen here.’ Yet the popularity of child abuse memoirs makes it impossible for them to do so.

Popular retailers stock their bookshelves full of memoirs of terrible childhoods and survival. Ignoring the cries of ‘Why can’t the past be kept private’ or claims that it is ‘unsavoury’ to talk about it.

Through spending power, we as consumers are creating a strong voice for victims.

The haunting big eyes of the children on the cover serve to remind us all that it goes on. Exposing the tactics used by abusers and giving victims a voice.

We are creating an army. The message is clear; abusers don’t have a safe place to hide.


One thought on “Child Abuse: We are Winning the War

  1. Amen…Our voices are voices of light. With enough of us talking and spreading our light, the world will be safer. I also believe that the more women who are in power will make certain that other women and children are better protected.

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