Surviving against the odds. True short stories of child abuse survivors.

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A heart breaking story of two siblings trapped in a world of abuse. A devastating betrayal.

Five year old Lilly Thomas is a keeper of secrets. Everywhere she goes, someone makes her promise not to tell. But one thing she knows for certain is grownups can’t be trusted. Unlike other little girl’s her Mother doesn’t make her do homework or go to bed. When her Mom is happy, she is the best in the world. But Lilly can’t predict what makes her happy.

The only one who understands is her older brother Jeff. He never screams or tells lies. Jeff is her best friend. He protects her from angry grownups and cuddles her when she’s sad.
She wants Jeff to look after her always. So she promises not tell when he touches her without clothes.

After all, siblings love each other and she loves her brother more than anyone else in the world.


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